Progress Reports

At your request, we’ll provide a progress report on any or all accounts you’ve submitted to us for collection. If you’re a debtor, you can always contact us to find out the status of your past due account.

Internet Skiptracing

We use state of the art software to locate debtors. By using a number of different methods and locators, we have excellent results in tracking down delinquent debtors.

High Collection Rate

ABC Collectors attention to detail means that we have some of the highest rates of return in the industry. We work hard on your accounts to ensure that we recover as much as possible on your past due accounts.

Experienced Attorney

ABC Collectors, Inc. is attorney owned and operated. Our experienced legal team isn’t afraid to pursue collections in court if needed.

National Credit Reporting

Accounts submitted to ABC Collectors are reported to a national credit reporting agency. The past due accounts are reflected on the debtor’s credit report, and will often affect their credit score. Once paid, the account status is updated with the credit reporting agency.

Up to date Collection Software

Our powerful collection software helps us keep track of each past due account and ensures that your accounts are getting the attention that they need.