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Claims may be submitted by filling out the form below, or downloading a claim form HERE. Please provide all available information regarding the claim. For security purposes, if you are submitting a claim that includes the debtor’s social security number, please download the claim form and fax it to 1-406-752-8005. Claims with social security numbers cannot be submitted online. When filling out a claim form, please provide all available information regarding the claim.”

Please contact us with any questions regarding filling out these forms.


Online Claim Form

The accounts and claims below are hereby assigned to ABC Collectors, Inc. for collection, subject to ABC Collectors, Inc.’s established rates which are as follows: 50% for accounts $100.00 or less, all accounts that require litigation, and all accounts that need to be forwarded out of the area. 33 1/3% for accounts over $100.00 that do not require litigation. Said rates are applicable whether payment is made to ABC Collectors, Inc. or directly to you. We will promptly report all payments received by us. Please act as our agent in clearing drafts, checks, and notes for collection and in placing out of town accounts with bonded agents and attorneys. Please contact us to update information or to withdraw claims. Please include / attach any invoices, contracts, or other documentation regarding the below claims.